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Blind Will (2019)

Michel Tombroff

Diptyque. Squelette de tortue, cristaux, peinture à l'huile.

Cette oeuvre est une invitation à la pensée d'Artur Schopenhauer. Dans "Le monde comme volonté et représentation" (1818), on lit le passage suivant:

Only a crystal is still to a certain extent to be viewed as an individual. It is a unity of striving in determinate directions, gripped by a rigidification whose trace has been made permanent. At the same time, it is an aggregate grounded in its core form, bound by an Idea into a unity, just as a tree is an aggregate that is grounded in its individual driving fibers, which is displayed, replicated, in every rib of its leaves, in every leaf, in every branch, and each of the latter is to a certain extent to be viewed as a plant all its own, parasitically feeding on the greater one; so that the tree, like the crystal, is a systematic aggregate for small plants, although only the whole is the complete display of an indivisible Idea, i.e. of the particular level of objectification of will in question (Volume 1, p. 157).

Cette oeuvre est une exception dans mon travail, qui s'oriente généralement vers les métaphysiques de Platon, Cavaillès et Badiou. Mais c'est par Schopenhauer que j'ai découvert la philosophie, et mon travail est une tentative de synthèse entre le formalisme mathématique et la vitalité, le romantisme.

Prix: EUR 3.000 (TVA incl.)

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